Thursday, August 1, 2013

Canonfire! Chronicles Now Available!

Earlier this week I informed all the Greyhawk fans out there a new ezine was going to be making its way to our download section. Many hours toiling away at computer screens and several hundred emails later--Canonfire! Chronicles is alive!

Issue 1 is over 150 pages and boasts three adventures plus two companion articles. you can view and  download the issue here.

It is also available in our download section Canonfire! Chronicles Downloads to your right! 

Enjoy, and happy hawking!



  1. Love it! Glad to see this combination blog up and ready for new contributor input!


  2. Might I point out the Greyhawk G+ community? A member did post about this there, but y'all might like to keep an eye on us. :)

  3. Anthony,

    Thanks for the post. We welcome all Greyhawk links as we are stronger together then we are divided. Plus many of your members are known here and on I will also be updating this blog with a new post shortly.