Monday, January 2, 2012

The state of Canonfire!, 2012

A nice little letter from Cebrion on Canonfire!, specifically regarding that site and plans for the new year, but referencing the Oerth Journal as well.  Two bits are worth repeating here:

"Launching a fully realized "Canonfire! Chronicles"(working title) special features format PDF specifically for featuring fully contained Adventures, select Article collections, Postfest! compilations, map collections, and similar things.As a part of getting this put in place, it may be that The Oerth Journal will be re-tasked, similar to what happened with Dragon Magazine when Dungeon Magazine came onto the scene. As such, The Oerth Journal would be more like Dragon Magazine, featuring all of the varied special interest articles that The Oerth Journal has mostly been known for. Lengthy adventures, really large gazetteer-style offerings that literally could stand on their own as a supplement book, and anything not really fitting the format of The Oerth Journal all that well would be relegated to being featured in Canonfire! Chronicles."

A quick note on this from someone who's been involved in the Oerth Journal for sometime, namely me: there has been a lot of discussion over the years (and I do mean -years-) about creating a sort of "Oerth Journal Presents" imprint to handle exactly the type of content discussed above.  Adventures can be editing nightmares, and reprinting articles from CF (or other sources) has not been seen as within our writ.  The CFC will put the best of Canonfire back into view, and allow the OJ to focus on what it does best: providing, new, high-quality, fan-created content for the World of Greyhawk. It's win all around.

And speaking of "fan-created"...

" It seems to be a popular misconception that only the work of a few people is published in The Oerth Journal in particular, but that is simply not true. Anyone can submit their writing to The Oerth Journal, or to Canonfire!, and the same can be said of Canonfire! Chronicles once it is launched. And don?t forget Postfest! too, as that is a great avenue for getting one's feet wet. That's how I started off myself. Little did I know what I was getting myself into, but don't let that put you off from doing so! :D"