Thursday, August 1, 2013

Canonfire! Chronicles Now Available!

Earlier this week I informed all the Greyhawk fans out there a new ezine was going to be making its way to our download section. Many hours toiling away at computer screens and several hundred emails later--Canonfire! Chronicles is alive!

Issue 1 is over 150 pages and boasts three adventures plus two companion articles. you can view and  download the issue here.

It is also available in our download section Canonfire! Chronicles Downloads to your right! 

Enjoy, and happy hawking!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moving Forward

"Launching a fully realized "Canonfire! Chronicles"(working title) special features format PDF specifically for featuring fully contained Adventures, select Article collections, Postfest! compilations, map collections, and similar things.As a part of getting this put in place, it may be that The Oerth Journal will be re-tasked, similar to what happened with Dragon Magazine when Dungeon Magazine came onto the scene. As such, The Oerth Journal would be more like Dragon Magazine, featuring all of the varied special interest articles that The Oerth Journal has mostly been known for. Lengthy adventures, really large gazetteer-style offerings that literally could stand on their own as a supplement book, and anything not really fitting the format of The Oerth Journal all that well would be relegated to being featured in Canonfire! Chronicles."
This message was received on this very blog a year ago. Hope swelled once again, and Greyhawk fans both rejoiced and sighed. This is just another empty based announcement. Once again nothing has come to fruition. No schism was in the works to prevent the Oerth Journal from seeing print, nor was the Canonfire! Chronicles going to become the substitute for the Oerth Journal. Instead as many of you can see these were joint ventures put about to make sure the fans get their Greyhawk fix.
The previous Editor-in-Chief of the Oerth Journal Rick "Duicarthan" Miller did a fantastic job providing us fans with a quality product. Under his leadership nine Oerth Journals saw publication. Things have changed for the Oerth Journal as a whole new staff with a few familiar faces have taken up residence. Myself and Skip "Sir Xaris" Twitchell have shared editing duties for both the Oerth Journal and the soon to be released Canonfire! Chronicles. I say shared though truth be told Skip has final say in the line editing department, while I function more on the managing and content.  Wade "Icarus" K. Nolen remains as the Art director for the Oerth Journal with his counterpart Mike "Wolfling" Lowe taking on the Art director duties for the Canonfire! Chronicles. Rory "Darkherald" Klein has been instrumental in providing design and layout for the Canonfire! Chronicles, with Mike "Wolfling" Lowe taking on many of those responsibilities for its inaugural issue. Design and layout for the Oerth Journal will be the responsibility of James "Mempter" Tillman working closely with Wade "Icarus" K. Nolen.

Lastly, I'd like to add that Brian "Cebrion" McRae was instrumental in making all this possible. While most of his contribution was in an advisory role, it was definitely value added and appreciated.


Dennis "Argon" Lovatt