Sunday, October 30, 2011

What We Got?

Currently submitted to the Oerth Journal: A well-developed & illustrated article on the Free City of Highvale; an article on Shaofeng (may need more development); an article on Secret Societies in Ket; a brief (1-page) magical-item article; and a Geoff adventure (this might not be a real submission. have to look into it. Might be just passing through.)

Page-wise we're looking good; Highvale will clock in at at least 30 pages, I think, Ket is 10, the magic box is 1, Shaofeng is 6 with lots of room for growth.  The adventure is 81 (!!!) pages; font and formatting might drop that to 70 or a little less, but we'll still have to decide what to do about it, assuming it's intended to be published.  I think we might be being used as some kind of courier service.  I feel so dirty.  ;)

Personally, I'd like to see:
  • an article about a lesser known deity, or the (unique) servants of a powerful deity - creatures a PC party of moderate level might interact with.  
  •  Articles that deal with mechanical issues & offer rules options are always hard to come by.  
  •  GH specific races in 4e or Pathfinder format is a simple idea.  
  •  4e domains for GH gods, or anything converting GH material to Pathfinder rules.  
  • Magic items that aren't artifacts.  
  • Spellbooks.  
  • New races, though there are so many cliches this would be a real minefield (dragon-people; cat/badger/dog/animal-people; winged people; half-people; submissions from people that capitalize their Races like Elf and Dwarf; races that are outcast and misunderstood; races that are made up of solitary wandering immortal types (actual or functionally) and apparently breed by releasing spores into the air or something; races that are "like orcs, but different"; races that were created by their god (who is new to Oerth); races that were kicked out by their god (who never acted like this before); races from another planet/plane/sphere/dimension....  The uldra, from Dragon magazine, were a race that worked. IMO.
  • Short, simple, adventure sites, at least a paragraph, no longer than a page.  Not mapped, just simple descriptions & rumors.  Solid locations on the map, not vague.
  • Articles describing one hex of the Darlene map.
  • Articles tying old (or new) D&D products to Greyhawk.
And Monkeyboyjones wants "more on Valley of the Mage, Fading Lands (which in my mind are gateways to Ravenloft), Scarlet Brotherhood (in context of them actually being monks), Hepmonaland and what exactly is beneath the Corusk Mtns."

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  1. I'm excited! It's been a long time coming, but it'll be worth it.