Friday, July 22, 2011

The longest week....

As someone just commented, it's been a very long week (ummm...maybe two months long?)  I wish I had more news.  The goal at this point is to get OJ 26 out the door (it will probably have no or minimal art), and then see what we have for #27.  Right now, the answer is "not alot".  Send submissions!


  1. So, what do you have so far, Nathan?


  2. Maybe this issue should be "rethought." Perhaps you should just forgo any "missing" artwork for OJ #26 and just get the issue published?

    This continued delay is really beginning to "bog down" any progress on issue #27. The fans aren't seeing any real improvement in the production/publication of the OJ, in spite of recent changes.

    And their various comments are showing it. It would be a shame to lose "readership" before the next OJ is even "released."