Sunday, April 17, 2011

What do YOU want?

The Editorial Xvarts are all ears (literally - still working out these new polymorph spells)!  What sort of articles would you like to see in The Oerth Journal?  We have a list of article ideas (page link just over there --->), but let's face it -- that list has been floating around since Erik Mona was editor (whatever happened to that guy, anyway?).  It's OLD.  We want New, Hot, Current, Exciting, and Something with an i- in front of it. 

Do you want the down-low on goblins in Greyhawk?  Tell us!  Wondering about Jallarzi Sallivarian?  Our dedicated staff of Writer-Flumphs are standing (floating, actually) by to bring you details! Want to see a centerfold featuring the Fiend-Sage of Rel Astra or Bigby?  The Xvarts are deadlocked right now - you could be the tie-breaker!

Even better, click here and send us a proposal for your own article!


  1. Here's one (and apologies if it appears elsewhere): I'd like to see Greyhawk deities fleshed out for 4e--I reckon the only mechanical bit that would be needed is a list of Domains for each. I don't imagine priesthoods (if described prior) would need to change.

  2. Nope - you're the first to actually say it. I had thought about it a few days ago, but it's better if it comes from outside. ;)

  3. more on Valley of the Mage, Fading Lands (which in my mind are gateways to Ravenloft), Scarlet Brotherhood (in context of them actually being monks), Hepmonaland and what exactly is beneath the Corusk Mtns.

  4. Here is what I posted in "It's Official the Oerth Journal is back" thread at the Greyhawk forum at The Piazza back in May 2011:

    "I think that every campaign setting needs its own fan magazine. I would love to see Oerth Journal and a number of other fan magazines devoted to other campaign settings slugging it out for next year's ENnie Awards.

    "I'm still learning about Greyhawk. I'm not sure if I'll be contributing anything in the near future, but I do have two big reasons for being interested in Greyhawk.

    "Firstly, I'm primarily a Spelljammer fan and see Greyhawk (like Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms) as one of the three pillars that supports my favourite setting. (And I also see Planescape as picking up the torch, where Spelljammer left off and fitting in with the Great Wheel Cosmology of Greyhawk.) So anything that supports GH is good in my books. And anything that improves my Greyhawk-fu is good for me.

    "Secondly, I'm primarily interested in playing with the 3rd edition rules and find the Greyhawk-lite to be unsatisfying. I want to play in "proper" campaign settings, like I did back in my 2nd edition days. So anything that can take the geneirc elements from core rulebooks like Dungeonscape or Lords of Madness and give them a "proper" backstory that ties in with specific organisations and/or locations on Oerth is something I'd love to see."

    Since 2011 I've learned a bit more about Greyhawk and don't feel quite so clueless about the campaign setting. However, I'd still like to learn more about the campaign setting.

    For example, if you are Oerth Journal (rather than Flanaess Journal), I'd love to know a bit more about the regions of the world outside of the main campaign setting area. The Chainmail area is one of the areas I'm interested in.

    And I'm still interested in the idea of more meat being added to the "Greyhawk lite" elements in WotC's 3rd Edition D&D books. If Oerth Journal was able to create a "Fan Enhancement" that could turn the "crunchy content" from WotC's core books into stuff that actually feels like three-dimensional Greyhawk materials, that would be awesome.

    For example, I'd love to see an article (or series of articles) that goes through the Monster Manual and customises each monster to Oerth. I want to know, where in the Flanaess those monsters can be found and how they interact with the groups around them. Some of the later Monster Manuals include Forgotten Realms and Eberron customisation and I'd like to see that sort of thing done for Greyhawk.